Lady Anne Somerset Countess Northampton in Turkish dress, 1770, by Liotard
Portrait of Marie Angélique Vïrany de Varennes, Mme Georges Gougenot de Croissy by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 1757 France, New Orleans Museum of Art
Emilie De Coutances, la marquise de Bec de Lièvre par Alexander Roslin, vers 178.
Hilarion-Anne-François-Philippe, marquis DE BEC-DE-LIÈVRE, seigneur d’Avaugour, la Seilleraye, le Gruménil, la Bouvardière, conseiller du roi en tous ses conseils, premier président de la chambre de Bretagne, qui épousa, le 18 juillet 1773, Marie-Emilie-Louise-Victoire de Coutance, dame de la Bouvardière, de la Haute et Basse Indre,
Frances Tucker Montresor (portrait by Copley, 1778) (1744–1826) was born in New York, child of Thomas Tucker of Bermuda, a Lieutenant in the British army. She married John Montresor (1736–1799), then also a Lieutenant in the British army. In 1775, Montresor was commissioned as Chief Engineer in America with the rank of Captain. He bought Montresor’s (now Randall’s) Island in New York Harbor. General William Howe’s aide-de-camp at Brandywine in 1778.
La femme à la lorgnette, 1780, Henri-Nicolas Van Gorp (Paris vers 1756- mort après 1819)
Elizabeth, Lady Taylor, c. 1780, by Sir Joshua Reynolds
Portrait of Mrs Mary Lutwyche, nee Thomas (1782) by George Romney
Portrait of Arthur Atherley as an Etonian, by sir Thomas Lawrence, c1791.
Arthur Atherley (12 June 1772 – 1 October 1844) was an English Member of Parliament, serving the Southampton constituency three times, as Whig, Liberal and Reformer.
Atherley was born in Southampton, the son of Arthur Atherley and Susanna Carter, and was the fifth successive member of the Atherley family to be baptised as “Arthur”. He was educated at Eton College where, in 1791, he had his portrait painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence – this portrait now hangs in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. At Eton, he was captain of the Ad Montem club, an institution with roots to medieval times that survived until 1847. One of the club’s traditions was to take part in a procession to Salt Hill during which boys in fancy costume, the salt bearers, participated in the maintenance of their “captain” at university by levying contributions from passers-by.
Portrait of Lady Gordon, by George Romney, 1784
Mrs Davies Davenport, by George Romney, 1782-1784